Online dietitan and nutrition consultations

Booking an online nutrition consultation allows you to access the expertise and information you need, without the need to travel to clinic.

Most people, since the Covid pandemic, are very familiar with using video conferencing facilities. Why not use the same facility to access the healthcare advice you need, at a time to suit you, from the comfort of your own home?

Online dietary consultations give exactly the same level and quality of service as a face to face consultation gives; the same amount of time is allowed for the consultation, and resources or notes are provides following the session- so you have a record of what was discussed and the treatment plan you have agreed with your dietitian. All advice given is personally tailored to you and your needs an individual- and explanations as to the rationale for advice is explained, so you know why, and how it will help you.

How do online consultations work?

Remote consultations take place through a secure GDPR telehealth platform, so you can be sure anything discussed is confidential.

Before your consultation, you will be sent a medical questionnaire and a food diary, so the dietitian has all of the information she will need to assess your diet, any symptoms you are having and can give you personalised advice.

During your consultation, the dietitian will listen carefully to your concerns, discuss your diet and your nutritional aims, and suggest ways in which you might achieve your goals. You will then agree a plan that suits you as an individual.

Following your call, the dietitian will write a summary of your consultation, with the dietary plan you have agreed and additional resources to help you make the dietary changes suggested. These notes are shared with you by the same secure platform, and you can access it as often as you like.

Anyone can benefit from a personalised online nutrition consultation, regardless of your nutritional concern or goal. They are a flexible and convenient way of accessing the healthcare you need, without the time or expense of travelling to the dietitian’s office!

Mairi Wilcock, Registered Dieititian

I offer effective and reliable support for many digestive and gut problems, as well as heart conditions, weight management and diabetes.

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