Weight Loss tips from a Dietitian

Summer is the time of year when people really begin to ramp up their weight loss efforts, with the prospect of being bathing suit ready for holidays providing the motivation. The decision of how to achieve the desired result is one which can be a source of confusion and bewilderment for a lot of people, especially given the vast amount of very different advice and information available!

Here are some of my tips for kick starting the weight loss with minimal pain!

1) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables- they provide a vast array of vitamins and minerals with less calories than any other food group. If you don’t already, aim for your 5 a day. Swap higher calorie snacks and use to bulk out your meals to make sure your meals are satisfying and prevent hunger.

2) Aim for 10,000 steps per day- I often see clients in clinic who have very sedentary jobs but go to the gym 2-3 times per week and struggle to lose weight. Sometimes juts taking more daily exercise in the form of walking can make a huge difference without the need to find more gym time!

3) Spread your protein intake throughout the day- protein is a satiating nutrient, but many people eat very little before their evening meal. Try having smaller portions of protein throughout the day to avoid excessive hunger.

4) Plan ahead! Often best intentions can be foiled by having limited snack or meal options. Take healthy food or snacks to work or when travelling to avoid having to choose high calorie foods in an emergency.

5) Eat healthy foods, but those which you enjoy. Nobody can stick to a diet that they don’t enjoy, so think carefully about what can tick the boxes of health and enjoyment for you.

6) Don’t skip meals- if you make yourself hungry you are more likely to end up bingeing on high calorie foods. Eat regularly to avoid hunger.

7) Drink plenty of water- dehydration can feel like hunger prompting us to look for extra meals or snacks.

If you would like further information on weight loss plans, contact Registered Dietitian Mairi Wilcock at Stanner Nutrition for a bespoke plan to help you lose weight effectively.

Mairi Wilcock, Registered Dieititian

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