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Are you looking to gain control of your digestive symptoms, your weight or your energy levels?

Are you worried about your risk of type 2 diabetes?

Have you been told that you have high cholesterol?

Are you a woman who is struggling with the effects or menopause or perimenopause, or symptoms of PCOS or endometriosis?

As a highly experienced and registered dietitian, I can provide effective dietary and nutritional treatment to or help you to achieve your nutritional goal.

I offer face to face, telephone or video consultations and provide supportive and effective advice which is personalised specifically to your individual needs, at a time and a place to suit you!

Member of the Health Professions Council

Mairi Wilcock RD BSc (Hons) – Dietitian in Preston

Hi, my name is Mairi and I graduated from The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen in 1998. My NHS career has seen me work in a several hospitals in the Northwest over a period of 20 years before I decided to set up a private clinic which offers nutrition services which aren’t always readily accessible in the NHS.

As a busy mum of 2 daughters I understand the time constraints that can lead us into diet and lifestyle habits which can be difficult and time consuming to change. I have successfully helped many clients to overcome some of the hurdles which can stop us from getting where we want to be from a health and well being perspective.

What is a Dietitian?

Registered Dietitians (RDs) are the only qualified health professionals that assess, diagnose and treat dietary and nutritional problems. They work with both healthy and sick people. Dietitians use the most up-to-date public health and scientific research on food, health and disease which they translate into practical guidance to enable people to make appropriate lifestyle and food choices.

Dietitians are the only nutrition professionals to be regulated by law, and are governed by an ethical code to ensure that they always work to the highest standard. The title of dietitian is protected by law, only those registered with the statutory regulator, the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) can use the title of Dietitian/Registered Dietitian (RD).

Mairi’s registration no is DT7262, this can be verified on the HCPC or BDA websites.


Stanner Nutrition Clinic

Having spent many years in my NHS career specialising in Gastroenterology, I am able to offer effective and reliable support for many digestive and gut problems. I have also worked in the areas of cancer treatment, neurological conditions, heart care, weight management and diabetes.

I now work as a private dietitian in Preston, UK. I offer face to face services, or virtual consultations across the UK and worldwide.

The experience I have gained throughout my career has given me the knowledge and confidence to be able to support my clients effectively to reach their goals in a way that suits them. I do not give generalised diet plans or programmes but instead work with my clients to tailor their treatment plans to suit their own individual lifestyle.

I believe that this approach results in my clients being happier with the changes they are making which results in more successful long term achievement and maintenance of goals.


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Happy Clients

★★★★★ ​ I cannot recommend Mairi highly enough

I have suffered with Functional Gut Disorder (and subsequent weight gain) for the last 18 months, and this has really affected my quality of life.
After no real success through the hospital tests etc, I turned to Mairi to see if she could help. After 1 consultation I instantly felt reassured that something could be done to ease my symptoms. Mairi clearly knows her stuff and was able to identify possible problem foods and assist me in eliminating them from my diet. She also created a bespoke meal plan for me to follow in order to lose weight, and this is easy to understand and adapt to my lifestyle. The meal ideas are so appetizing.
For the first time ever I am actually excited about being on a diet!
Cannot thank Mairi enough for her guidance and support – worth every penny.

★★★★★ You Were Incredible

Thank you so much for your time yesterday, you were incredibly helpful and I’m feeling really confident with the diet now. Thank you as well for the resources, that will help a lot and we’ll just have to try be really planned about it and hopefully, we’ll see some good improvement!


★★★★★ ​ Agnese Mulligan

I’ve now reached my target of going below 60kgs. From now on anything more it’s a bonus. Thank you very much for your help. The meal plan you did for me is part of my routine now and it’s working well.


★★★★★ ​ Mrs O , Clitheroe

My recent visit to the Stanner Nutrition Clinic was a very positive one. I received an informed assessment of my food diary and a host of practical strategies to overcome and control issues I had been diagnosed with two weeks earlier. This was followed by a detailed and bespoke food plan.
Mairi’s approach is extremely professional and one which inspires confidence and reassurance. Thankyou so much for a five star service!



“Mairi is knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. After an hour-long in-depth consultation, she designed a bespoke meal plan for me that targeted all the nutrients I need. As I follow a (largely) vegetarian keto diet, this required a lot of thought and expertise! As part of her service, Mairi offers a 6 week follow-up period where you can ask questions and update your meal plan if necessary. I would 100% recommend Mairi for her professionalism, expertise and welcoming manner”


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